Organizations come to us most often for help with IT business consulting, computer & network repair & maintenance, Security systems, installation, backup & disaster recovery, cloud services, Voice Systems (VOIP) and Network management. But we also have a great opportunity available now for select businesses.

It's called ISS Catalyst Service and it not only covers typical break-fix services, but also covers:

  • Proactive maintenance to help avoid costly breakdowns
  • Hardware monitoring to help stay aware of upcoming repairs or replacements
  • Consulting services to help budget and plan for upcoming changes
  • Network health management to prevent throughput issues. Many times slow speed and/or response times are blamed on the computer, or the Internet provider, when in fact, the issue is poor network equipment, poor cabling, poor WiFi equipment. Most often these are the culprits and without being able to SEE what is going on in your network, fixing the root problem is almost impossible.
  • Monthly and Quarterly reporting
  • Customer portal access to review history, status, and invoices

If you feel a meeting with us would benefit you and your company, contact us.

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Prior to the startup of ISS in 1999, we worked with Enterprise-sized companies being involved with projects such as network installs for hundreds of users, wide area network installs of 20+ branches throughout the state of Louisiana, a ground-level startup of a dialup Internet service, and a complete startup of a Healthcare Information System for a local hospital.

During the years prior to ISS, all of these networks and systems had to be managed to ensure optimal operations and throughput. Back in those days, networks were much slower therefore had to operate perfectly to get data to users efficiently.

Starting up ISS back in 1999 was due to so many people and businesses calling for professional help. They were frustrated with waiting on support services from larger cities or from people who really didn’t understand technology but were decent at using a computer trying to repair their issues.

Since our goal is to provide professional solutions while maintaining a sense of compassion, care, and understanding of the customer’s needs; using these same methods of network management and some custom engineering, our Catalyst Service was born.

In 2011, with over 20 years of IT experience, at the time, we developed our ISS Catalyst Service for Small & Medium businesses.

By most definitions, a Small business is 1-100 employees, a Medium business is 101-999 employees, and an Enterprise is 1000+ employees.

We use many different technologies, methods, and processes but the at the end of the day our ISS Catalyst Service is meant to accomplish 1 thing – To help the customer’s business owner, manager, and employees be focused on their goals and mission of their company’s products and services, and NOT technology. This in turn produces a stronger, more successful company.

Just like everything we do here at ISS, but to a deeper and more detailed level, our Catalyst Service is extremely process-driven. Customized specifically for each Catalyst customer. This methodology allows us to produce very predictable results.

ISS is an authorized Service Center for major manufacturers such as HP & Dell. We are recognized as an exceptional Service Center by an industry association CompTIA.

ISS employs only certified technicians and expects continuing education for all employees as well.

ISS is authorized and licensed by the State of Louisiana and a member for Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association, as well as a member of the National Electronic Security Association for our security solutions.

Many companies have found it very beneficial to meet with us to discuss our Catalyst Service; even if they or ISS felt it was not a good fit. Having that discussion allowed them to compare a leading industry solution provider to their current technology solution provider. It provided them with a frame of reference for pricing, different approaches to using technology, different methods to leveraging technology.

For some people, technology can be fun and/or challenging therefore enjoyable. For others, it is frustrating. And still for others, it is fun and challenging but when it comes to business – it just HAS to work and not distract from the core function of that business.

We see many Small & Medium sized businesses that have allowed technology to be a major focus of their daily routines. We also see that is not a good business practice and there are many reports and studies available to support this idea. Businesses must focus on their goals and mission. Businesses must focus on their products and services or they will never be successful and possibly will not survive. Again, there is much data available that supports the idea that not focusing on your goals and mission is most often the cause of Small & Medium businesses to fail.

If you feel a meeting with us would benefit you and your company, contact us.